I'd like to do a course or tutorial on...

Scrollmagic with GSAP Animation

Hi Ian,

i opened a new topic and pasted my comment in because the old one is completed.

I just saw that you released the new course on scroll events.
I browsed through it and I'm a bit disapointed, because I expected the course to cover scroll magic, because It's the most popular and powerfull library for more adcanced animations.

Is there a course on scrollmagic with gsap planned?
Maybe for more advanced users?
Because I'm already familar with skrollr, etc... and I think there would be more people like me who are looking for a scrollmagic course.
Also skrollr is not under active development.

It is hard to find good videos tutorials for scrollmagic.
I think thats a niche and many people will find it usefull.

I would be very thankful if you could do a scrollmagic course!


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