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Vagrant Essentials : Learn DevOps Using Vagrant

Vagrant is a brilliant solution for the process of creating, setting up and also destroying a complete environment. Vagrant simply helps you to build virtual servers and environment. I also allows you to disassemble when you are done.

Vagrant is open-source software. Vagrant server comes in handy when you have to manage large projects. Vagrant also eliminates time required to set up, download and depoly packages on OS with necessary tools, libraries, services for download.

You can also create multiple customized copies for allowing different developers to work simultaneously on the same project. You can simply design your own virtual machine and then convert it to Vagrant.

You can learn all of these things with this vagrant tutorial. Let's take a look at what this course includes:

A detailed introduction to Vagrant, including what it is and its benefits
How to install Vagrant on your PC
How to work with Vagrant, including basics and version control
How to deploy your Vagrant machine
Configuring your machine
Working with Vagrant clustering
How to find, manage and use Vagrant boxes

For more information visit: https://www.eduonix.com/courses/Software-Development/vagrant-essentials-learn-devops-using-vagrant

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