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Video game recording (and/or streaming) and production

This topic might not seem complicated on the surface, but I can say from experience that producing video game videos and streaming gets very hard very fast. Especially when you try to record more than one person playing a game together, or a remote multiplayer game session with voice chat, or capture an old game etc.

This course could explore a lot of different problems:
- Technical properties of gameplay footage - resolution, FPS, bitrate etc. Encoding and how it's used for capture/streaming (H.264, Intel QuickSync, Nvidia NVENV etc.)
- What are some of the ways to capture gameplay (intro to capture software and gear).
- What are some of the types of video cables. How to convert composite to HDMI etc. How to use splitters, converters etc.
- How to combine gameplay footage and live-action video. How to use green screen, how to make picture in picture, overlays etc.
- How to record voiceover or voicechat during gameplay. Setups for solo play, couch play or remote play. How to mic up, run everything through headphones etc.
- How streaming works. What are recommended requirements for it (CPU, bandwidth, multiple monitors etc.). Some software and hardware solutions.

These are only some of the technical issues. There's a lot more on the creative and business side as well - how to become a successful streamer, youtuber, etc.

I bet there are tons of people who would greatly benefit from such a course (or a few!)

Excuse my English :P

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